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Your 32 CARat journey

Take a journey through the city in style and luxury. Discover the fun side of extravagance.

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About Koi

Meet Koi – your exquisite companion through the city of Dubai.

Koi is a mobile app aiming to deliver a high-end chauffeur experience straight to you.

Named after the legendary East Asian diamond, Koi brings you professional drivers and elegant cars to help make each Koi trip a 32 CARat experience!

Our Vision

Koi aims to provide consumers with the most efficient, safe and reliable way to travel in luxury.

Koi looks to firmly establish its presence in the market as the only go-to personal driver service capable of satisfying a range of customer needs.

Being a quality-driven and tech-savvy brand, we aim to be positioned as the natural and reliable way to ride in luxury, and to solidify the exclusive role of a user-friendly and trendy transportation service in what may seem like a saturated market.

Book Now

Booking your next trip with Koi is quick and easy.

Koi chauffeurs are ready when you are, allowing you to book your journey with us when the time is right for you. It is quick, easy and only takes three steps to order a ride with us. Koi also lets you choose how you would like to experience your trip with either Koi 18 or 32. The option to pay with a credit card or cash is all yours!



Koi offers the best promotions for your trip ahead.

Share Koi with your friends and your next ride with us will be 20% off. The more you share, the more you get. If that is not enough, you will also receive exclusive deals from our Partners, ranging from dining to entertainment. These exciting offers will surely reroute your trip with Koi.


Schedule a Ride

Let Koi follow your schedule.

Looking to plan your day ahead of time? Koi lets you schedule a chauffeur to pick you up when and where you want. So you can go about your day while we work around it.


Fare Estimate

Know more about your trip before booking.

We believe fare estimates are very important to our customers as they can help you plan out the rest of your day. That is why we are making our fare estimates available for you to view. Keep in mind these fares are just estimates and may change based on the time of day you make a booking.


My Journeys

View past journeys you have taken with Koi.

Koi values your input. That is why we have given you the option to view previous trips you have taken with us. By doing this, you will be able to rate how your experience was and report any items you may have misplaced in previous journeys with Koi. So don’t hesitate to give us your feedback, as we would really like to hear back from you.

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Fare Estimate
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Koi 18

Never trade style for comfort again.
  • Ride in luxury, pay for economy
  • There when you need it
  • Take style to new heights
Koi 18 Car

Koi 32

Luxury now has a front seat.
  • Arrive to your destination in high class
  • Koi 32 offers you a spacious experience
  • First class service at your doorstep
Koi 32 Car

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Start your 32 CARat journey today and discover the new standard of luxury.
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For any questions or concerns, be sure to contact us and we will be glad to help you in any way possible.
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